Executive Recruitment

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To safeguard standards and improve the quality of UK higher education wherever it is delivered around the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is for world leading and independently assured higher education.

Our Values


  • has a Board which embodies co-regulation, representing broad student, provider and stakeholder interests - collaborating to lead QAA
  • works with regulators, sector agencies and professional bodies, collaborating for the benefit of the sector
  • works in collaboration with students and student organisations to engage students and enhance the student learning experience 
  • collaboratively supports the distinctive requirements of the UK’s home nations.


  • delivers innovative new approaches, services and valuable events to enhance practice and support providers
  • is innovatively reviewing our internal systems and processes to deliver cost effective quality services


  • provides expert advice to the governments of the UK 
  • uses its expertise to strengthen quality assurance internationally
  • uses its knowledge and expertise to benefit providers, students and stakeholders.


  • is accountable to our stakeholders through our governance structures
  • has complaints and appeals processes in place to ensure we are held accountable for our decisions.


  • has integrity and, as a registered charity, acts in the interests of the public and its beneficiaries 
  • is fair and transparent in its operations, acting with integrity at all times.